Preconnect 100% of your CAR PARK with plug-and-play Electric Vehicle Charge Point (EVCP) infrastructure designed for MDUs

Take CHARGE with the easiest EV charging platform.

One SIMPLE, SCALABLE and fully MANAGED solution - just charging

EV Charging is considered the FOURTH most important factor when searching for somewhere to live or work, behind only cost, location and connectivity.

As the world makes the switch to electric vehicles, the demand for EV charge points is rapidly increasing. Landlords will be expected to offer professionally managed charging solutions alongside existing services.


The most convenient place to charge is always at HOME or WORK.


More and more occupiers are not only looking for, but expect an EASY and FLEXIBLE charging solution at home or work.


OceanCharge provides commercial and residential landlords with a FULLY MANAGED and FUTURE-PROOFED charging solution.

Introducing Preconnect™ by Ocean Charge

Our Preconnect solution has been specifically DESIGNED for LANDLORDS and DEVELOPERS.

Preconnect provides a COST NEUTRAL and reliable, 100% EV charging solution for residential MDUs, commercial MDUs and mixed-use sites.

A Rapidly Changing World

Battery Electric Vehicles

Over a quarter of all NEW VEHICLES sold in the UK last year were electric vehicles with new petrol and diesel car sales set to end by 2030.

Tipping Point

We’re FAST APPROACHING a tipping point in terms of EV uptake and expectations concerning access to the underlying charging infrastructure.

Occupier Expectations

Occupiers will soon be reluctant to move into buildings without a PROFESSIONAL EV charging solution, or one that doesn’t PRIORITISE SUSTAINABILITY.

The CHALLENGE of choosing the RIGHT charging SOLUTION for landlords

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, landlords are facing a new challenge: how to provide charging solutions for their occupiers. However, with so many different charging options available, it can be difficult for landlords to know which solution is right for their building and tenants.


Landlords, developers and managing agents are approaching EV infrastructure by either:

  1. Proactively installing a handful of dedicated charging bays, resulting in
    • a loss of valuable parking revenue
    • a poor occupier experience
  2. Allowing occupiers to find and implement their own solution, resulting in
    • health and safety concerns from poorly maintained and unmanaged  infrastructure
    • a legacy infrastructure headache and problem when the occupier  vacates, or
  3. Completely restricting access to charging whilst deciding what the right EV strategy is for their property, resulting in
    • Unhappy occupiers and a reduction in property appeal

Landlord & Developer Checklist

Landlords need to future-proof their buildings by installing charging solutions that will meet the needs of tenants now and in the future.

Landlords need to choose a charging solution that is scalable and can be easily expanded as demand for charging increases.

Landlords need to choose a charging solution that is cost-effective and does not require a large upfront investment.


Preconnect is the EV charge point infrastructure platform that is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of landlords

  • 100% CHARGING infrastructure installed throughout car parks providing complete parking space coverage
  • A ZERO-COST solution that requires no upfront investment from landlords
  • Capable of SCALING in response to rising occupier EV adoption without the need to continually upgrade the infrastructure over time.
  • Responsive to future demand from any occupier in any space, creating a FRICTIONLESS occupier experience..
  • PROFESSIONALLY managed and maintained solution, providing a best-in-class service for occupiers and complete peace of mind for landlords/developers.
  • No loss of parking space INCOME to dedicated EV charging unless visitor charging spaces are required.
  • Building is added to the BlueCurrent network, signifying its COMMITMENT to SUSTAINABILITY and support for the transition to sustainable energy.

Benefits of Preconnect

Complete Coverage

100% internal car parking space coverage from day one

Rapid Installation

Active charge points installed in as
little as 7 days

Flexible Bay Allocation

Flexible and demand-led

Landlord & Developer outcome

Attract & Retain Occupiers

Professional & Safe Installation

Profit share

Maximise Revenue Generation

Managed Service

Certification Enhancement

Managed Agent outcome

Happy Occupiers

Cost Savings

Smart Building Integration

Choosing your EV solution


Bring charging home with sustainable charging solutions for RESIDENTIAL buildings


Super charging businesses and their employees with sustainable charging solutions for COMMERCIAL buildings



Charging-as-a-service (CGaaS) for your residents at no cost to you


Charging-as-a-service (CGaaS) designed for your tenant's fleets or employees


On-site EV charging for your guests with 24/7 support


Full service, no-cost solutions with revenue share

Preconnect for YOUR stage of DEVELOPMENT


Providing a white-glove experience for existing MDU properties, Preconnect ensures your property is EV-ready. Plus, all management, maintenance and scaling of the EV charging stations is included at no cost through the life of our partnership.


Preconnect, designed for MDU properties in the pre-construction or planning phase, provides developers with a seamless, cost-effective, and streamlined solution for installing EV charging infrastructure to meet project delivery needs.

BENEFITS of Ocean Charge

Landlord & Developer benefits

Occupier benefits

Best of all, Landlords & Developers benefit from PROFIT-SHARING once chargers become operational – providing an INFINITE return on investment.


Boost your building’s EPC rating and attract occupiers
with cheap and 100% renewable energy, by achieving ZERO COST BUILDING status.

Landlords or Developers who adopt Ocean Charge’s EV charging infrastructure platform, Preconnect™, unlock the 1st STEP in Ocean Energy’s ZERO COST BUILDING platform.


100% EV CP infrastructure & Charging-as-a-Service


Commercial-grade battery storage to support EVs & landlord services


Commercial-grade battery storage to support EVs & landlord services

BlueCurrent certification

Take control of your building’s transition to sustainable energy and avoid creating a gap in the UK’s private charging network, get Ocean Charge and join the BlueCurrent network, SETTING your building APART from the rest.

Adopting Ocean Charge means adding your building to the BlueCurrent network. BlueCurrent recognises and promotes best-in-class EV-connected buildings across the UK.